Dodo and Millie’s adventure is an animation series written by a group of British children literature writers and co-filmed with Arcus Animation Studio. Dodo comes from China and Millie comes from the UK. One day on his way home, Dodo bumped into Oliver, a multi-lingual magic rabbit who has travelled around the world, and fell down a rabbit hole. They found themselves in the fantasy world of Millie and the three started their crazy adventure together. Cool, imaginative, and inspiring – the animation caters to kids’ curiosity while it is also featured with a distinctive British lifestyle for the purpose of enhancing inter-cultural awareness of the students. The language level is appropriated according to the English curriculum standard where key linguistic knowledge is emphatically addressed and explained in the animation.


Action games target comprehensive aspects of learning of key words and sentences of the English curriculum. Word games adopt spaced repetition to automatically record mistaken words and increase times for reappearance with shorter time intervals. The syntax game uses authentic English recordings and fosters understanding and acquisition of natural language. Both games integrate fun and engaging gameplay mechanics to create the natural ‘flow’ in users and make learning happen spontaneously.

Chat Bot

Jack chatbot adopts voice recognition and natural language processing to enable learners carry out live conversation practice. With Rabbit Jack, you can enjoy fantastic stories and manage to speak fluent English just like the native speakers!


Classical picture books create a colorful world for kids and help cultivate good reading habits as well as high English learning motivation. By providing abundant comprehensive English input, it promotes natural English acquisition and makes learning a genuine joyful experience!